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A note on the South

So I was in Charleston, SC and I passed by this street. This picture sums up the south and it's history to me. Maybe this street had the best ropemakers in all the land but you know... some of that rope HAD to be used for hanging black people.  Is this shit worth holding on […] Read More

Man Figures out the PERFECT Wedding!

The perfect wedding? Sounds almost nuts. How can someone never married even begin to write an article in staging someone's perfect day? Easy, I've been to countless weddings as a victim of circumstance. After watching family members get hitched, my older brother's friends tie the knot and my own friends take the plunge, you learn […] Read More

How to Talk to an Artist in 3 EASY Steps?

This title intrigued you because you are probably an artist looking for something to share that a relative can read that will help them talk to you with all your sensibilities. Look no further (and read no further) because this article is for them. Send it to your Aunt Cheryl’s Facebook wall. Email it to […] Read More

The Dark Side of Fried Pickles

The Midwest has plenty of hidden gems. However, it is not in the terrain, it is in its people. The people and the lives they lead are its jewels. However, I saw something during my standup tour that I think needed addressing. It a love for this singular thing (which consists of many of them) […] Read More

How to Kill a Serpiente Del Pantalon

There will come a time in a man or woman's life where he or she will have to kill a Serpiente Del Pantalon. I have instructed many in the art of eradicating one of these nuisances. Below are three simple instructions on how to kill a Serpiente Del Pantalon. Spot the Serpiente The Serpiente is […] Read More

Does Oil Pulling Work?

So they say if you swish a tablespoon of oil (sesame or coconut) in your mouth for 15-20 minutes a day, you will see a ton of health benefits. They call it Oil Pulling. I wanted to see what this Oil Pulling was all about. Would I become a superhero as a result of it? […] Read More

List of Festivals

So I composed a list of stand up comedy festivals across the globe. It's pretty current but I will update it from time to time. When I created it, it was to use for my own personal use but I think that making people laugh is universal so it's available to all comedians. Wanna say […] Read More