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A note on the South

So I was in Charleston, SC and I passed by this street. This picture sums up the south and it’s history to me. Maybe this street had the best ropemakers in all the land but you know… some of that rope HAD to be used for hanging black people. 

Is this shit worth holding on to? You have a culture so rich and deep with experience but then you see this. Let’s say they weren’t responsible for any of the rope made for lynching, isn’t that worth bragging about? 

Come walk down Ropemaker’s Lane! Where NONE of our ropes have ever been near black people. 

That’s the thing though. You can have it all. You can celebrate the music, food, fashion, etc with a little consideration. It isn’t that hard. And Lynchburg, TN- change your name. It’s still tacky as hell. 

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